Full-service restaurants

With opentabs you can relieve your staff of work overloads and organize them more efficiently. For guests at you local just order via the app, independently from the staff. This allocates the operations of your staff more efficiently and offers the guest a direct ordering channel.

Each table gets a QR code assigned and is therefore clearly identifiable. The guest can scan the QR code using the free opentabs app and the current menu will be displayed. Drinks and food can then be select, ordered and payed for. The 4-digit order number is used to identify the order; also your staff finds out the customer’s name and can talk to him in a more personal manner!

The opentabs system provides various settings to fit perfectly to your business:

  • Preparation time in minutes as an additional information for the customer before ordering
  • Individual pick-up time for pre-orders from today to tomorrow (or similar)
  • Delivery note with additional instructions regarding the order
  • Tip as a reward for your employees

opentabs can be used anywhere. As POS-independent solution or via an interface directly into the POS.

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